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Your guide to baby changing spots and pram accessible London Underground stations for a stress-free day out.

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"Five of the best apps for new mums"

Gobaby App in Top 20 Best Apps of the Week

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"Baby-friendly Tube app helps buggy mummies steer clear of the stairs."

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"21 Things Every London Parent Will Understand: No.3 When travelling with a buggy, you plan your step-free route with military precision before you leave."

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"One mum who faced Tube battles with her buggy roped in her ante-natal class friends to help research 315 routes and create the £1.49 app Gobaby for buggy-friendly route-finding."

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"A help for parents with young children journeying through London."

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"...when you need the tube map you pull up your Gobaby app..."

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"Gobaby developer and new mum Jen Corlew created the app after struggling with her baby and pram while out in London during maternity leave."

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"Now includes activities for infants in local London libraries and museums."

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"Metro de Londres con carrito de bebe."

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"Top picks of apps that give users the ability to explore London, safe in the knowledge that they are only ever one click away from a haven for their babies."

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"If you’re planning a day out in the capital with a baby, toddler or buggy, get downloading."

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"New! Gobaby App now includes more than 200 Boots Pharmacies across Greater London and has a smart new winter home screen."

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"Go Baby App to show you the best routes when traveling with a pushchair."

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"Step-free access. Those three words are like gold dust to metropolitan mums — especially those of us who’ve had to navigate the London underground with a stroller."

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"Gobaby is a blessing for parents trying to navigate the tube with a buggy or find decent baby changing facilities in the middle of London."

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"We used the Gobaby app to research our journey and did the whole thing without steps."

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"Gobaby is the only app that provides pivotal parent friendly information on those all important baby-changing spots and pram accessible stations, cleverly eliminating nightmare travel."

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"Even if you’re not using a pushchair, this app is brilliant for parents and little peeps on the go because Gobaby pretty much does what many of us have had to figure out over a few years – help you plan your journey around step-free accessibility and includes live service updates, over 1000 child-friendly restaurants, cafes, museums, libraries and other places of interest and tips you off to changing facilities too."

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"Quick, reliable and easy to use, Gobaby is your new survival tool around the capital."

Families London South West photo 27c86f23-2d49-4643-84b0-6551c27350f2_zps6ceda3e8.jpg

"Makes getting around in London so much easier."

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"Gobaby, the pram-friendly new map app."

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"Designed for those who don’t like relying on strangers helping them lift their pram up the stairs. It also has information on where the closest baby changing facilities to each Tube station are."

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"With the Gobaby app, you can plan your London travel around what works for you and your baby."

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"I cannot tell you how excited we are to be able to use this app on our upcoming trip to London – it will be invaluable as we’ll be traveling with a 6 month old and a toddler. The app is easy to use, it’s designed well and is full of useful information."

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Five top iPhone apps for parents of young children

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"App review for parents: London with a baby can be a marvellous place, but it can also be stressful…New iPhone app Gobaby aims to help."

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"New app Gobaby cleverly maps out the most baby friendly tube stations as well as nappy changing facilities to avoid any mishaps."

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"The best app to navigate London with small people."

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"Ealing mum designs 'Gobaby' app to help parents"

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"London mums, or mums visiting London. The ultimate London with Baby App has finally been created! You are now free to take your pushchair and skip around London like a pro."

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"Here is an amazing app recommendation for those of you heading to the capital with little ones over the summer holidays."

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Gobaby Bronze Award Winner


Gobaby App New iOS7 Version Includes Under 5s Activities London in Libraries and Museums

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New version of Gobaby App for winter holiday season launched November 2013


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Gobaby App available for Android smartphones on 2 October 2013


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Thanks for your interest in Gobaby App. As a new mum I was overwhelmed by the Tube and nappy changes when travelling in London with my son. So I developed Gobaby travel app for parents to find child friendly baby changing spots and step free London Underground stations. Please get in touch and together we can help more London mums and dads have a stress-free experience. Jen