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License to Drive

July 4, 2013 Jonah in Bugaboo

Kate Middleton has opted for a Bugaboo pram, according to Royal sources.  Bee or Chameleon? We wait breathlessly to find out. As a fellow Bugaboo owner, I suddenly, unjustifiably feel part of an exclusive club. A redeemed parent for buying a probably too expensive pram now fit for a potential future Queen (if you believe the tabloids.) Of course, they are fairly light for carrying up and down stairs in the London Underground, but I doubt that would be one of the concerns when choosing a pram for the Royal Heir.

And good luck to her, because I am absolutely helpless with our Bugaboo pushchair. Like a drink driver with ham hands wearing blacked out goggles, I hit every jut in the pavement, fallen leaf or invisible curb, making little J a candidate for whiplash and drawing tuts from other pram drivers. My husband says they should issue a license to drive for prams, which I’m sure I’d fail just as I did with my drivers test, twice….

Written by Jen Corlew

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