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Big Fish Little Fish

November 27, 2013 Big Fish Little Fish

Have you heard about Big Fish Little Fish? I call it the ‘baby disco,’ but the official description is a “brand new, creative and exciting music and dance party for the post-rave generation of parents and kids.”

Last Sunday my husband, our toddler, our friend and her daughter went to a Big Fish Little Fish party at their new location The Dome in Tufnell Park. I had whinged a bit on Twitter when their last event sold out, so one of the organisers kindly offered us a free visit. Thanks BFLF!

To start with, we were pretty impressed with the pre-party email sent to all ticket holders. There would be baby stewards with green sashes, glow sticks for toddlers, a chill out room for babies, crafts area, a fully licensed bar and a red carpet entrance (I just made that last one up, but it seems appropriate.)

Before we left the house, my husband got a bit excited dressing our toddler up for the occasion and soon he looked like the cowboy from the Village People. (There was a cowboy, right?) I teased him so we abandoned that outfit, but the joke was on me because I’d failed to read that the event had a fancy dress theme! We turned up in normal clothes and queued with pirates, princesses, tigers and bumblebees. Oops.

We really enjoyed it. The baby chill out space was sweet and safe, and made me nostaligic for the time when my little one lay happily air swimming on his tummy. Upstairs was the proper dance floor with DJ, banners, glow sticks, a bubble machine and confetti sprayer. Fabulous. They also provided a crafts area for older children and gorgeous children’s clothes for sale.

Big Fish Little Fish.2 Nov 2013

My toddler surprised us with his moves on the dance floor like ‘The Pony’ and also ‘The Worm.’ When did he learn to breakdance? After an hour it got a bit loud for him. We had managed to spill two complimentary smoothies. Meanwhile our girlfriend’s toddler had retired to the crafts table ages earlier while ours had perfected his laying in sticky puddles on the floor routine.

I highly recommend it. Big Fish Little Fish offers a fun and safe environment for the littles to dance like crazy and let off some energy. As a bonus, parents might get the chance to remember their dance party days for a few minutes…at least until a nappy change pops them back to reality.

Written by Jen Corlew


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