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Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

July 16, 2014

Maine. Lobster, lakes and beautiful scenery. We’ve just finished four heavenly days of summer holidays there with my three best friends from university and their children – and my toddler has turned into a full-sentence speaking American boy overnight under their influence. I’m still a bit shocked to hear him yell “Mom!” across long distances to catch my attention.

But what a lovely trip. It was a rural heaven with no buggies or crowds. We stayed with my girlfriend who lived on the lake with her husband, three children and two large dogs, spending all day kayaking and swimming, picnicking on lobster, steak, white wine and too much chocolate. Bonfires at night. On the last day we drove to the nearby beach, running in and out of the sea when the cold water hit our ankles.

Thinking about a holiday with friends in the USA? Maine is a perfect retreat and not too hot in the summer. Wishing all of you lovely summer holidays too.



July 13, 2014

#SilentSunday One photo, no words.



June 29, 2014

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Bikes for toddlers

June 25, 2014

When is the right time to get your little one started on a bike? Our toddler turns three in the autumn, so we’ve been talking about bikes for toddlers with our friends who are parents. I was ready to belabour the pros and cons of bike versus scooter, research the safest bikes and helmets for toddlers, investigate bike bells and decorative pedals – all at some indiscriminate future date.

So I was a bit surprised when my husband popped out during brunch with our friends at a Chiswick bistro last Sunday, and returned a few minutes later with a new bike for our toddler. (There was a sale at the bike shop next door.) But our toddler’s happy dance around the restaurant and shriek of delight made it worthwhile.
He wanted to try it right away (or perhaps that was us?) In hindsight, the Chiswick High Road sidewalk next to cafes and fancy shops might not have been the best place. He nearly fell off the bike into a twee antiques shop with its wares spread across the open front display. But our toddler was over the moon, being encouraged and pushed around the walkway by all of our friends.

For now, the process of pushing the pedals forward rather than pulling them back, effectively hitting the brakes, might take a while to master. But I can’t wait for our first family bike ride.



June 21, 2014

#SilentSunday One photo, no words